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Many times here in South Florida we deal with family members that live far away – too far to become involved with the daily choices of moving a parent or relative. Using the Move Log section of our web site keeps family members apprised of all the details of their parents’ or relatives move.

Many times our priorities differ from those of others. We had an elderly woman who was completely attached to two pieces of furniture that were going to be expensive to ship. The son argued with his mother over and over to get her to relinquish these items to save the cost of having them moved. In the long run, the son would have been better off letting Mom have her favorite pieces of furniture – albeit heavy and expensive to move – she liked them, a lot! Once we got past this little hurdle, the rest of the move seemed easy. The decisions were made and everyone was happy. Let your parent be your guide! Even if your parent is slightly impaired, they know how they want to live and what they want around them. Moving is traumatic enough, let them keep older, familiar items that are important to them.


Its important to be very careful not to make negative comments about the house they are leaving. Your loved one has cared for this home and may have deep feelings for it. It is possible you even grew up in this house! Negative comments about the house don’t make Mom or Dad feel happier about moving. Focus on how their new home will offer more opportunities for them to be independent, socialize with others and will provide more safety. This in turn will help the family feel less stressed. Stay positive!


Many times a loved one wishes to give some possessions to family members. Take them! Mom and/or Dad will feel comforted knowing you wanted what they wished to give you. Many times the gift is not about the receiving, it is about the giving.


If you move fewer items, you save more money. Decide what to move, what to give to others, what to sell, what to donate, and what to dispose of. Make sure that the items not going to the new house are gone when the packers arrive. Sorting at packing time can get messy. Helping your parents and/or relative sort through their lifelong collection of prized possessions is clearly THE most important thing that you can do to save money.


When working with your relative in the sorting process, do a little at a time, 1-2 hours is plenty for one day. Attack one closet OR the kitchen cabinets OR the bookshelves in the living room. You may be up to all of this, but I assure you, they are not. Let your relative reminisce over the items that you two have re-discovered together. This is your moment – live it. Don’t let it pass you by.


Wow – I can’t say enough. Family is great! Sometimes when dividing up possessions, family doesn’t seem so great. Keep in mind that keeping your family together, and you and your loved one happy, is the main objective overall. Don’t lose sight of the big picture.


No doubt! No one looks forward to moving – especially the elderly. The overwhelming task at hand is sometimes impossible to even begin. If this is you or your relative – don’t fear! We have ways to help! We can set you up with a plan of action - things to do to help implement your move - weeks, months or even a year in advance. Each day, week or month you will be given a task – only one – we will even call to check on your progress if you wish! Soon moving day will arrive and you will be ready!

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